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While shutting down Ubuntu 11.10 it returns to the Users menu, and remains there.

The problem is only when I am using an administrator account. I have to go back to a guest account to completely shut down the computer.

I am using a Dell Inspiron Mini 1018.

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kamil is right - you can't shut down if there are other users (even guest) logged in. To force a shutdown even if there are other users logged in issue the command

sudo shutdown -h now

This will lose any data if there is an open application that has data that is not saved. I haven't tested this with running VMs but I believe it will still work.

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  1. check if any other user is logged in
  2. check if you have any virtual machine still running (usually kvm/qemu have this behavior)
  3. in the users menu you have an option at the right upper side to shutdown. Have a try at it.
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To improve your answer, could you add how to perform step 1.? – rosch Oct 18 '12 at 11:08

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