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To compile a package I need to install libquadmath0 under gcc4.4 10.04 LTS.

I have not found any source. Any help?

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Unfortunately, there is no libquadmath0 in the 10.04 repository. It is only available from 11.10 onwards.

$ rmadison libquadmath0
libquadmath0 | 4.6.1-9ubuntu3 |       oneiric | amd64, i386
libquadmath0 | 4.6.3-1ubuntu5 |       precise | amd64, i386
libquadmath0 | 4.7.2-1ubuntu1 |       quantal | amd64, i386

You have one of the following choices:

  • Upgrade to 11.10 or better
  • Grab the deb file from 11.10 or better and install it manually using dpkg
  • Grab the source and install it
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