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I am gathering that this sounds insane and impossible to do, but I thought I'd ask anyways.

I'd like to setup roaming profiles for my self and a couple of other users, but we don't have the resources to purchase a server. I have a VPS that I use for testing, and prototyping, etc. that's Ubuntu 12. I installed OpenLDAP on it, and I can authenticate Mac OS X Login against it. Although the login works, the home folder isn't working making the whole thing unusable.

So I though Samba would be the answer, but Samba over the internet is insane as I have been told.

So is it possible to setup a VPN and authenticate the Mac OS X user login against the VPN's LDAP directory?

I'm pretty sure this is not doable, since the vpn client is used after login has been made.

By the way, I am a python programmer by day, so sys admin tasks are over my head. But I love to learn sys admin tasks, and when I get it to work, it's better than getting a web app to work

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