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I have Peppermint (based on Ubuntu) running of USB. Its bascially an ISO image that loads using Grub4Dos.

Problem is that I each time I load Ubuntu - and want to use i.e. teamviewer or Firefox...I have to install it on the running live system. Since its running from a ISO image...a reboot means the software is gone.

I can edit/open the ISO image using WinImage (on XP) - would you know how I can add extra software into this ISO image so next time Ubuntu loads...the new software is on there? Is there some special repositary director where I should copy the software files into and recreate the ISO image? The directory structure of this iso image is along the lines of: .disk [BOOT] Casper dists install isolinux pool preseed

Appreciate your help with this. The software I am really interested in installing is the plugin for LogMeIn (for which I may need Firefox...thus I need Firefox installation) and Teamviewer.

Thanks Nakata

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why dont you use Persistent option when creating Live USB? See this tutorial Create a Persistent Bootable Ubuntu USB Flash Drive –  penreturns Sep 20 '12 at 13:37
Peppermint? Closing as Off-topic. –  jokerdino Oct 18 '12 at 10:48

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You can use relinux or remastersys or ubuntu-builder to remaster your own distribution then create the iso persistent. Look at this tutorial.

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