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Everyone, i'm a newbie, and i've just installed Ubuntu OS a few minutes ago. I've heard about Ubuntu One so much and i want to use it, but i don't know where to begin.

Could you give me some help on how to install, set up an account and start using it (real life examples).

Thanks in advance.

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Ubuntu One puts you in control of which folders you want to keep on your desktop and in your personal cloud. You select which folders you want to sync to your desktop or mobile so you can make the best use of space on all your devices. You can also access everything from the web at any time.

Need to collaborate on a presentation with colleagues? Want to share your holiday pictures with friends and family? Sharing with Ubuntu One is easy and secure. You can invite someone to share your files, or create a short link and post it to your social spaces like Facebook and Twitter.

For more info visit this link

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Thank for your answer.I'll do it. – Arses Sep 21 '12 at 13:49

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