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I'm using this Huawei EC169 CDMA USB Modem that's provided as a standard by PTCL in Pakistan when it comes to 3G connectivity. The issue I'm having right now is that I have tried installing the Linux SW driver provided on PTCL's website

Here's the link;

After unzipping the contents & trying to execute the commands in terminal, I'm unsuccessful. I am just lost.

I'm on the prepaid plan basically & I need the Mobile Partner UI to recharge the vouchers.

I'm able to connect through the USB to internet without the standard UI; but it's really of no use once the credit limit runs out.

If anyone of you could be kind enough to run me through the details of commands that I am supposed to execute, it'd be really great because many others on the Pakistani Tech forums using Linux need help with this issue.

Right now I'm using Lubuntu 12.04.

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@araiqa, I assume that the .zip file you downloaded in the ~/Downloads directory and you extracted it in the same directory. If this is the case, then the commands you have to run as follows:

cd ~/Downloads/linux SW/Linux13.305.05.00.03/driver
sudo ./install

After the last command, you will be asked where it should be installed. Writed down /usr/local/Mobile_Partner

With this, the installation will be finished.

I hope this will help you.

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