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I have a little Ubuntu box with two NICs ("front": internet, "back": wifi). What I would like is to set up standard/high levels of PAM goodness on the external NIC card, while on the internal (Wifi only) card have very lax rules; the idea being that if I manage to lock myself out of the box while at work ssh'd in, I can wait till I get home, connect to wireless, and sudo will work without any requirement for password etc. that the front card would require. I have faith in my WPA2 Wifi that only I can connect to it and thus get access to the back NIC.

Is this achievable via PAM? I suspect the danger is not giving services on the box itself arbitrary access to sudo themselves.

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I think we would need to know what type of traffic will be coming through the front interface. Are you going to permit SSH authentication? –  Justin Andrusk Mar 10 '13 at 1:30
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