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The Situation

I am extracting a CMS from drupal-7.15.tar.gz to /var/www.

When extracted normally (with tar -xvzf filename.tar.gz) the files end up in /var/www/drupal-7.15/

The Goal

I want the contents from the archived drupal-7.15/ directory to extract directly into /var/www

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 tar -xvzf filename.tar.gz --strip-components=1

--strip-components=1 tells tar to strip the first path component (the drupal-7.15/ in your case) from each file when unpacking.

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Absolutely brilliant. Thanks, Florian. – bitfed Sep 20 '12 at 8:14

The simplest and more user-friendly solution is to open nautilus using:

gksudo nautilus

Then head to your archive, double click it, wiat for it to open with the archive manager, double click into the directory (inside the archive manager, hit Ctrl+A so as to select all the files inside the directory, click on the "Extract" button, and then select /var/www/

Alternatively, you can just

sudo mv /var/www/drupal-7.15/* /var/www/
sudo rm -r /var/www/drupal-7.15
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