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I've set the keyboard shortcut super+L to lock my screen. Several times I've tried to lock the screen and it just pulls up the super menu.

When I go back and check the keyboard shortcut it is still set and listed as super+L. Resetting the shortcut to super+L restores functionality for a time. I can't tell what's triggering this failure.

Any input would be appreciated!

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Check your shortcuts and custom ones to see if there is something stealing it?
The default lock screen is Ctrl+Alt+L so maybe something already exists or another program is stealing it.

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I didn't find anything else assigned to super+L when looking through the list of keyboard shortcuts. In the past when I've tried to override an existing shortcut I've gotten an error about it. I'll try Ctrl+Alt+L next time super+L stops working to see if it's reverting to default. – biagidp Sep 19 '12 at 16:22
Restarting breaks the shortcut as well. – biagidp Sep 20 '12 at 22:27
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Looks like this issue resolved itself. It may have been related to updates, but I don't lose the binding on the shortcut anymore when I restart.

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