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When installing Ubuntu 12.04 from a usb-stick, as soon as installer runs, an error message appears and I can only see the upper half of the screen.

For the way the pointer dissappears at the bottom appearing directly at the top of the display, it looks as if both halves of the screen were overlapsed in the upper half. Any ides of how to solve this?

I tried to change de resolution at the display options with the little I could see, but this wouldn't work.

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If the problem is the Graphics card...

When you get to the menu after booting from USB, There will be some options to edit the entries like "press 'e' to edit...".

After doing so find the words: quiet splash and type nomodeset before quiet splash. So it becomes: nomodeset quiet splash

Then press Ctrl + x (or F10) to boot. Hope that works...


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According to your description of the problem, I can assume that the problem can be related to graphic card or it's driver. So, you can try to use nomodeset option from boot options as shown in this link.

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