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So I'm using rdesktop to connect to a remote server of us where I have Visual Studio. The virtual machine is a Windows 2008 server. I use this parameters:

rdesktop -D -g 1920x1200 -k it X.X.X.X

Because I have an Italian keyboard. I have no problem writing, the keys are in place. When I try to type { or } I have problems because with the italian keyboard I have this combination: L-Shift+AltGr+(è|+)

and it's not working

Do you have a solution by any chance?

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Edit /usr/share/rdesktop/keymaps/it:

Search these lines:

braceleft 0x08 altgr
braceright 0x0b altgr

And change to:

braceleft 0x1a shift altgr
braceright 0x1b shift altgr
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The above fix has now been committed upstream of rdesktop project and will be included in the next release 1.7.2

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