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time already come to change my cellphone, so I want to buy one that is fully compatible with Ubuntu for android, so I saw a lot of videos about milestone, Droid razr, and others that support Ubuntu for android.

My question is which cellphones support Ubuntu and which one is more stable?

for example I saw this implementation:

And also,there are native ones on development like this:

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Unless I'm much mistaken, your best bet is to wait a short while to see which manufacturer brings out a phone with Ubuntu pre-installed.

I would love to think that Canonical will distribute a version I could put on my rooted SGS3 but, unless take-up is poor by manufacturers, I don't see it happening given the vibes comming from their publicity. A massive shame but there we go. I feel we'd take it up far faster.

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I have tried Ubuntu on Samsungs Tab Links for how to install :

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