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I have 7 Ubuntu desktops connected to a SBS 2003 using Centrify. I have a rather weird scenario, whereby a user with the name lightdm is trying to log into our server, possibly automatically. I thought lightdm was the session manager, not a user?

Does anybody know what could be causing this?

There is no user: "lightdm" on the server and the problem only comes from one of the 7 internal desktops connected to the server (its IP address is in the local network).

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lightdm is a session manager and a user, lightdm runs as the lightdm user which has root privileges.

From /etc/passwd:

lightdm:x:104:112:Light Display Manager:/var/lib/lightdm:/bin/false

I'm curious what you mean by "trying to login" though, can you explain more?

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