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Possible Duplicate:
How well does MS Word 2007 and MS Power Point 2007 work in Wine?

I want to install Ubuntu with MS Office Professional Plus 2007 running. I want to format my hard drive with slow speed as it happens when we install xp. The all cleaning with no traces left. For that what'll be easy to do: 1) Formatting entire hard drive OR 2) Formatting only that partition on which I want to install Ubuntu?

I should be sure that I can run MS Office Professional Plus 2007 on Ubuntu. I have ubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-i386.iso burned on a CD and have MS Office Prof. Plus 2007 in this form -

I also want to know when I update Ubuntu how much MB will it be?

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You are asking at least three different questions. Please (i) separate them and (ii) search askubuntu for answers first, because at least two of your questions have been answered many times before. – January Sep 18 '12 at 9:37
Yes I know. My question about partition is already answered. I've seen it at one place. But that was with guy having 2 partitions but I have 3. What I'm confused is that I think Ubuntu don't use C drive, D drive etc. It uses something different for the names of partitions. And also at one place you have to select forward hash "/" and continue. I don't know Ubuntu's structure. Why I asked this because at one place I've seen that MS office enterprise don't work in new ubuntu well so I was curious. Will Professional Plus work? See this once - – ramandeep Sep 18 '12 at 14:01

Yes you can...

You can install MS Office 2007 in Ubuntu with a addition software called Wine or Play On Linux. An office package called Libre Office comes with Ubuntu 12. I think Libre Office is better than Microsoft Office. It's simple and classic.

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