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I recently installed Ubuntu 12.04 on my Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Mobile v5505 with the following configuration:

  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T5750 2.00GHz
  • Graphics card(integrated): Intel 965GM x86/MMX/SSE2

Other things pretty much standard.

Now after putting my laptop to sleep (by closing the lid) or hibernating, when I wake it up (by opening the lid) four things happen:

  • Laptop login window is shown (normal behavior) - 10% of time
  • Laptop suddenly shut downs for no reason - 30% of time
  • When Ubuntu goes into desktop screen all icons or windows are blurred or screwed - 30% of time
  • Black screen is shown (it doesn't disappear by moving the mouse) and I need to manually shut down the laptop - 30% of time

What I believe this is caused by drivers for my integrated graphics card, but there is nothing in "Additional Drivers". I hope there are some solutions for this crazy problem which makes my laptop not usable at all.

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Here is what I've found on Seems like bugs 3 and bugs 4 are already reported here:

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