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I have a class of computational physics. I want to install Ubuntu on 24 systems, unfortunately our access to the internet is limited.

On the other hand I do not like to make new partitions for Linux. So I have to use Wubi but Wubi needs a large file i.e: "ubuntu-12.04.1-wubi-i386.tar.xz".

Unfortunately I could not make a transition to Wubi because when I put "ubuntu-12.04.1-wubi-i386.tar.xz" manually in the Ubuntu/disks directory, Wubi starts to complain about the existence of already installed ubuntu and all thing should be done from scratch.

Does anybody know a solution for this problem?

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Save it in another folder and install it as described here: – bcbc Sep 17 '12 at 15:27

Use an install disk to do this. Download the iso from, burn it to a CD, take the CD with you to the school and install it under Windows. This is all.

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