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I have a 1TB HDD with four Windows XP partitions and a 120GB HDD with 10.04. While working in Ubuntu, due to delay and failure to shutdown, I switched off the system.

Next it failed to boot in Ubuntu and stopped at initramfs. After that, I tried to repair from the booting stage. By mistake instead of hdd no I used partition no. This damaged the Windows also.

Then Windows XP was reloaded and is running.

When I boot with 12.04, it is able to detect the 120GB HDD, but, it is unable to mount. I am unable to access the files.

I would like to revive the disk and recover files. Would appreciate any help.

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Boot from an Ubuntu live cd and install boot-repair

sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair && boot-repair

Using the boot-repait software you can restore your grub and login

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I would start by finding your installer/live disk and mounting the drive. After mounting the drive run

sudo update-grub

to fix the bootloader.

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