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I have an HP G4-1387 which has two graphics cards, an ATI 7450M and Intel HD3000.

I tried to install Ubuntu and run it from my USB stick, I get the usual black, console like screen showing a lot of things in an small resolution, then the screen adjust the resolution and then it is suppose to start Ubuntu or installation but instead I get a black screen forever. I think is related to a graphics card driver problem.

Any idea how to solve it? Thank you

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This answer should help you solve the problem. – Aditya Feb 20 '13 at 12:50
  1. get an ubuntu .iso image.
  2. use any program to write the iso to your usb drive
  3. reboot through your usb drive
  4. you will get a screen having title ubuntu
  5. select install on hard drive
  6. follow the steps of installation
  7. reboot, this time ubuntu on your bootloader.
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I know how to install Ubuntu the problem is that I can't because I get a black screen before installation starts. – Andres Sep 17 '12 at 9:40

Ok I solved it. The screen was black because it has no bright at all by pressing the bright buttons you can see the screen.

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