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I just upgraded to 12.04 on an old ACER Travelmate 5320 using Broadcom 4311. I wasn't able to connect to the internet through the wireless for a few days. It didn't even display wireless networks. I was finally able to make it work by following the instructions found here:

However, each time I log on to the computer I have to go to the terminal and type sudo modprobe b43 to make the wireless work. Is there somehow I can avoid this?

I have used Ubuntu for many years but always relied on other people to help me with the technical stuff. The terminal is alien to me so I literally follow online forum instructions without knowing what I'm doing. Also, I tried many many things before I managed to make it work. So I'm worried I may have installed something that now conflicts with whatever the sudo modprobe b43 does.

Thank you

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Add b43 in a line to the /etc/modules file. It will load the module at boot time.

Alternatively, You can add b43 in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and then use sudo update-initramfs -u to load the module automatically.

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