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I often find myself compiling binaries for my tablet, since it's running the arm version of Ubuntu Precise and there is not a lot of newer software available for it.

As an example, Gimp 2.8 took like half a day to compile but now that I've got it, I'd like to make it available for everyone else.

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So most software isn't available through apt-get if you have an ARM device? You have to compile everything? What if there's lots of dependencies? – Fiksdal Jun 30 at 19:54

New versions can be backported by following the Ubuntu Backport process. Ubuntu doesn't accept binary uploads. Also, PPAs do not provide binaries for arm, only amd64 and i386.

The simplest way to proceed is to use the requestbackport tool from ubuntu-dev-tools.

An example in this case would be:

$ requestbackport -d precise -s quantal gimp

Which provides the output:

requestbackport:  * LP: #1006424: Please backport babl 0.1.10-1 (main) from quantal
requestbackport:  * LP: #1040756: Please backport fftw3 3.3.2-3.1ubuntu1 (main) and fftw3-mpi from quantal
requestbackport:  * LP: #1006426: Please backport gegl 0.2.0-1ubuntu1 (main) from quantal
requestbackport:  * LP: #1002780: Please backport gimp 2.8.0-2ubuntu1 (main) from quantal

So, you can see that the request has already been started in LP: #1002780.

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That page is super confusing. Say I want to contribute/get gimp 2.8 backport/ available to the public. What is my first step? – Joshua Robison Sep 17 '12 at 10:22

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