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In Ubuntu 11 I just dragged the folder there. This seems to be not possible on my new Samsung ultrabook with Ubuntu 12.04

enter image description here I've tried Ctrl+D and using the top menu but nothing happens and no error messages, just nothing.

How can I add a bookmark?

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What you can do is to edit bookmarks by pressing Ctrl+B and change the url of a bookmark that already exists (and if you want you can change the name too). Then the new one that you wrote will appear and the one that you "replace" will be created by ubuntu again. I think that this is an error too but you can fix your problem

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Got same ergonomic problem!

Ctrl+D or Add Bookmark will function only when "desired link folder" is selected on Location Bar. "Bookmarks" will appear only on Places (Nautilus) after placing one bookmark. Not so friendly IMO...

References: "Adding a Bookmark

To add a bookmark, open the folder or location that you want to bookmark, then choose Places->Add Bookmark.

If you are using a Nautilus browser window, choose Bookmarks->Add Bookmark." From:


And finally, Help from Ubuntu: Ubuntu Desktop Guide » Files › Tips and questions » Edit folder bookmarks

This is almost duplicated from: Nautilus bookmarks do not appear at all ?

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Files > Enter location and then Ctrl-D when the folder path edit box is displayed worked for me in 13.04 – David Carboni May 23 '13 at 17:33

This issue is fixed with the new updates.

Now Bookmarking works smooth, by using Ctrl+D.

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Once you add your first bookmark using Ctrl+D, bookmarks will appear on the Nautilus tab and you will be able to use drag and drop. Seems to be a bug rather than a feature. However, I had some problems with that as well.

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ctrl-D and Add Bookmark from the menu do not do anything. No errors and no changes. – Michael Durrant Sep 15 '12 at 13:24
@MichaelDurrant: Did you try the solution presented in the linked question. Are the bookmarks accessible though the menu? – fabricator4 Sep 15 '12 at 13:33

It's very easy just press Ctrl + B and then edit the directory!

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