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I'm using Intel i5-2430M processor which is a dual core processor, but the output of /proc/cpuinfo shows four cores. Why? Is is because of hyper-threading?

If yes, is there any way I can see the actual number of cores?

Also, how can I see the sizes of L1 and L2 caches?

Output of /proc/cpuinfo:

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From your copy and paste: cpu cores : 2

Could be it right?

As for your cache-question:

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Looking at this Intel page about your processor specification, It is clear that Your processor has 2 cores, So, cpuinfo is not wrong by telling you as such.

Also Looking into this Wikipedia page and this page from CPUWorld it seems Your processor has

  • L1 cache = 2 x 32 KB instruction cache, 2x32 KB Data cache
  • L2 Cache = 2 x 256 KB
  • L3 Cache = 3 MB
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