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I''m trying to install (dualboot) Ubuntu on my Macbook with installed Mac OS X Mountain Lion with Intel processors, and am running into some issues. I can burn the disk .iso fine, but when the problem starts when I reboot (I'm using the rEFIT boot loader). Here's what happens:

  1. I turn on and the boot loader shows up. The Linux CD is not shown.
  2. I reboot from rEFIT, which fixes the problem (by which I mean "Boot Linux CD" shows up.
  3. I choose Linux CD, and it brings me to a black screen with a spacebar blinking.

That's it. No messages. No errors. Nothing. I'd say the mac froze, but the _ cursor was constantly blinking. Any help?

Also, when this happens I can't shut the macbook down. The cursor just blinks. Eventually I'll be able to shut down by pressing the power button, but for a good half-hour at least the computer is completely unresponsive.

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