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How can I create an alias so that when I enter "kt" it executes "killall gnome-terminal"?

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Creating an alias

  • To add an alias type the following in terminal,it will work until you close your terminal.
    alias kt='killall gnome-panel'
  • To add this alias permanently you have to add the above command into .bashrc file
    gedit ~/.bashrc
  • Add the first command at the end of your .bashrc file,
    alt text
  • To refresh your .bashrc file type the following in terminal,
    . ~/.bashrc or source .bashrc
  • Now you can type kt in terminal it will perform the action of killall gnome-panel
  • To list all your aliases type alias in terminal.
    alt text

Few examples:

  • To create an alias for update,you have to add the following to your .bashrc
    alias update='sudo apt-get update'
  • For upgrade
    alias upgrade='sudo apt-get upgrade'
  • To add both update and upgrade you can do the following
    alias upd='sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade'


  • Source command is used for applying the changes that you have just made in a configuration file.
  • By ændrük suggestion you can also put your custom aliases in ~/.bash_aliases
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It would be cleaner to put custom aliases in ~/.bash_aliases. Ubuntu's default ~/.bashrc sources this automatically. – ændrük Dec 25 '10 at 7:40

Just type alias kt="killall gnome-terminal" in command line (I assume you're bash user).

To make this changes permanent, you can put this line to your .bashrc, for example. Execute echo 'alias kt="killall gnome-terminal"' >> ~/.bashrc (don't forget to re-apply changes using . ~/.bashrc)

Use simple alias command to see the list of aliases in action.


update: BTW, you may find this useful as well: Problem with creating permanent alias

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