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Is it possible to directly bind all *.class files with the java command?

At the moment I run java-files like:

java myprog args

Is it possible to simple type

myporg args

ok, this is not a very important question, but it would be nice to know.

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java -cp "/path/to/package/directory/or/directory/with/classes:/another/path" <class_name> [args]

you can use alias

alias <prog_name>='java -cp '"/path"' <class_name>'

and then

<prog_name> [args]
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you can always set the CLASSPATH variable to the location where all your class files are located or packages are located.

export CLASSPATH=/path/to/package/directory/or/directory/with/classes:/another/path

you can very well add this line in $HOME/.bashrc file.

After that you can just say java myprog args

hope this solves.

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