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I need to know where to find and how to use something similar to the outline view like in Microsoft Word?

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The outline view was also available in Office 2007, afaik – Anwar Shah Sep 14 '12 at 16:55

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WPS Office 10 Free has Outline View AND is free! Hooray! Open it the same way as in MS Word 2010: Ctrl+alt+O. You can move collapsed headings, too! All the text and subheadings move, too!

I hope this helps, Stanley.

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OP wants to use LibreOffice, not another office suite. – Sonickyle27 Sep 24 at 18:02

No outline view yet in LibreOffice Writer, but many interested users - take a look at Bug 68167 ! On the other hand, LibreOffice Impress does have a basic but usable outline view.

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LibreOffice Writer does not have any feature that is exactly like the outline view in MS Office 2010 (only Impress has that), but you can still use the Navigator, which is much more useful in my opinion.

To open it, just go to View>Navigator in the menu or press F5.

When you first open the Navigator it will be a floating Window. FloatingNavigator

If you drag the window to one side of the LibreOffice parent window, it will offer to dock the floating Navigator window.
Integrated Navigator

To make it float again if it's docked, hold ctrl and double click on the Navigator (in any non-button area), and it will pop out again.

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