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In 10.04 Terminal I can enter the command: cat $MYDIR/a then hit tab and auto-completion expands it to: cat /home/me/abc.txt

(I have defined MYDIR in my .bashrc)

In 12.04 it auto completes to: cat \$MYDIR/abc.txt and gives a no such file error

How can I get the 10.04 behaviour in this respect?

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This one is complex. It is not really a bug, but an unintended consequence of a feature: see this discussion.

But yes, that is the behavior of bash 4.2, and many people have complained that it is a bug. The solution is to either downgrade the bash to the 4.1 version, or upgrade it to 4.2.29, where this bug has been ironed out.

A temporary solution is described here

shopt -s cdable_vars
complete -v -F _cd $nospace $filenames cd
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