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I am trying to set up a firewall on a Dell Dimension 3000 with server 12.04. I have a DCP3010 cable modem from Charter, when I plug my Win7 laptop directly into the modem I get an IP address through DHCP. I also get that when I boot into Ubuntu 12.04 desktop from the same laptop.

On the Dell, when I do "ifconfig eth0 up" the interface comes up with IPv6 address, but no IPv4. I tried using "dhclient -v eth0" and the DHCPDISCOVER requests go out, but nothing comes back. Tried changing the MTU on eth0 down to 750 but no change.

To eliminate a crossover cable requirement, I threw a Netgear switch in the middle. Again, the laptop got IP in both Win7 and 12.04 desktop modes, but the Dell still kept sending out requests with no response.

I brought the server to a corporate network and fired it up. Tada, "dhclient -v eth0" grabbed an address immediately, and I can then ping and browse, so I know the onboard NIC is working and my general configuration is good.

I'm running out of troubleshooting ideas. Any suggestions are appreciated,


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I got tired of messing around with obscure settings, so I junked the Dell, and repeated the exact process with an HP box I had lying around. Everything worked with that, so I am guessing it is some weird problem with the particular onboard NIC on the Dell. Firewall is up and running with both DHCP and DNS, and I have run 15GB of data through it in 3 days, so all is well... Z. –  ZeroPly Sep 19 '12 at 14:36

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