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I want to know how much difference can 2D acceleration in VirtualBox bring ? I only run graphical interface on Windows VMs.

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Virtual Box has a still experimental feature to use 2D video acceleration of your host graphic card in a Windows (only!) guest.

Windows VM uses 2D video overlays to play a movie clip, then VirtualBox will attempt to use your host's video acceleration hardware instead of performing overlay stretching and color conversion in softwareVirtual Box Manual

This means that you'd expect a performance benefit for video applications in a virtual Windows only. This however is not the typical use case for a virtual machine, as we do have quite mature video playback software natively supported from Ubuntu.

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That's good, I would never play a video in VM – warl0ck Sep 14 '12 at 14:33

I am using 2DBench to have some numbers about 2D performance:,1601-26150.html I have run the test three times:

  1. PAE/NX + VT/x + Nested Paging + 2D acceleration:

    Text: 9677 chars/sec  
    Line: 28425 lines/sec  
    Polygon: 5402 polygons/sec  
    Rectangle: 3201 rects/sec  
    Arc/Ellipse: 10900 ellipses/sec  
    Blitting: 4993 operations/sec  
    Stretching: 257 operations/sec  
    Splines/Bézier: 11639 splines/sec  
    Score: 836  
  2. PAE/NX + VT/x + Nested Paging without 2D acceleration

    Text: 8092 chars/sec
    Line: 18521 lines/sec
    Polygon: 7725 polygons/sec
    Rectangle: 2911 rects/sec
    Arc/Ellipse: 12267 ellipses/sec
    Blitting: 5599 operations/sec
    Stretching: 225 operations/sec
    Splines/Bézier: 11910 splines/sec
    Score: 826

What I have noticed is that my host cpu usage was smaller. So the vm was using my host gpu for some action to lower the cpu usage.

So basically it "brings" you more host performance because not every single 2D action is emulated through the CPU.

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