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Please tell me How can i run Huwei E173 data card in Ubuntu 10.4. When i connect data card there is nothing happening related to network recognizing process please help

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Install Huwaei Mobile Partner!

Here is an externel download link for Huawei Mobile Partner 21.(Sometimes it already comes inside your dongal) Download and install it at your own risk. Perform a reboot after the installation and, network manager will identify your device within 3 minutes.


There should be script file called "install.sh" or a similar one inside the Huawei Mobile Partner package. View the Properties of that file, and navigate to the Permissions tab. Tick the check box, Execute, and enter the below command in Terminal to begin the installation:

sudo install.sh

You have to give the path of the install.sh instead of just typing Install.sh

After installing the driver you will be able to connect to the internet. If not, try a different version Huawei Mobile Partner.

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You can follow instructions Here , On Huawei Modem

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