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I've been experiencing many problem lately since I fresh installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
on my SONY VAIO VPCEH with Windows 7 previously installed.

Sometimes when I try to boot Ubuntu, it gets stuck at loading screen.
There seems to be some problem with driver (as far I can judge).

Following is the log generated, when I press Esc during the boot (before the
problem occurs):

* Stopping System V initialization compatibility        [ok]
* Starting System V runlevel compatibility              [ok]
* Starting crash report submission daemon               [ok]
* Starting automatic crash report generation            [ok]
* Starting LightDM Display Manager                      [ok]

Nothing works after that, no Esc, etc, except restart.

Also I've observed the following:

  • Inactivity of Hard-drive (Led doesn't glows).
  • Flashing, or blinking, of Caps-lock and Scroll-lock

On restart, Ubuntu seem to load successfully. However, the loading
screen has somewhat basic graphics.

This problem started after I installed Additional drivers:

NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver  

Also, most of the times Ubuntu loads without any problem. However, it
is annoying to restart everytime it fails.

So my question is:

Why this happens and what is the solution?

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Please edit your grub boot entry to remove "quiet splash" and instead insert "nomodeset". Does this allow you to boot? – bleeves Jul 30 '14 at 21:26

Apparently, the proprietary NVIDIA drivers are the cause of your problem. See the answer to this question.

You can remove these drivers (using the Additional Drivers panel), but then you are stuck with the open drivers (nouveau), which are limited.

Also, read

Furthermore, there is a PPA supposedly distributing the newest version of the Nvidia drivers, but apparently some people run into problems with these drivers.

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Check out my answer here: 14.04 Freeze on Splash after Installing NVIDIA Drivers

I had a similar problem after installing the nvidia drivers, but it happened to me every time I booted up, not just sporadically. These steps seem crazy, but they worked for me. All other solutions didn't work.

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I managed to fix the problem by simply removing all the proprietary drivers and left the default generic one. Since I use my laptop just for working purposes it works like a charm.

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