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I know this is a possible duplicate but I do have not a convincing answer yet.

I initially did not like unity and did not switch to it till 12.04 (used gnome fallback). I have started using it only when 12.04 came out.

Here is the problem. Whenever I want to drag a file from one window to another(like nautilus to gmail in chrome or vlc playlist etc), I usually drag it to the taskbar/panel and wait for the destination window to raise/focus and then I drop the file. I have found this feature ever since I started using computers. Heck, even Windows 2000, XP could do it. Gnome could do it ever since I started using it (8.04 ubuntu).

It does not work with unity in 12.04.

I have had to install ugly xfce4-panel just for this purpose. But I am hardwired to first drag it to unity and then realize it does not work and then drag it to xfce4-panel.

Is there a possible workaround or a patch somebody has written that can I can install and not worry about it at all?

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Ubuntu bug 607796 is about this. The design team has approved for this behavior to be implemented in Unity. But it has not been a priority, and has not been worked on yet, at least as visible from the bug report. I'd recommend subscribing to that bug report, at the least.

I see that the most recommended practice here is to close this question as off-topic. I see that happened to this similar question. I'm going to leave that to more experienced Ask Ubuntu users. Thanks.

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