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On firefox's latest version, using tabmixplus or otherwise, is it possible to give focus to the page when a new tab is opened (which is the homepage, in my case), rather than the address bar ?

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1.Go to New Tab Homepage add-on page. There is Add to Firefox button. Right Click on it and click Save Link As. Save the link in xpi format.
2.Now extract the just downloaded xpi file into a folder(say newtabhome).
3.Now open newtabhome>chrome>content>tabhomepage.js in your favorite editor. Comment out this piece of code(Lines 60-64):

if (gURLBar)
  setTimeout(function() { 
    // if page is about:blank select() works just like focus, two birds one stone;
  }, 0);

4.Next type this command inside newtabhome directory:
zip -r newtabhome.xpi *
5.Open the newly created newtabhome.xpi file with Firefox and install the hacked add-on.

Shortcut(Might NOT work):
Download this add-on. For installing, just open the file with firefox. Source

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