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I have a DELL PC with Ubuntu 12.10 and a pandaboard running the latest linaro ubuntu 12.08. The Ethernet on the panda board is reporting 'no ipv6 router present' regardless of what router I connect (they are all probably not ipv6). I can connect via a cross-over Ethernet cable the pandaboard to the DELL PC. Can I setup the DELL PC to act as an IPv6 router. the PC has a wireless connect to our router/ADSL box.

I would Really appreciate some help here so if you have an alternative please suggest it.

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You would be able to setup the PC as an IPv6 router, if you have a IPv6 subnet for it to use.
To enable IPv6 routing you only need to setup the IPv6 address on the second interface of the PC and enable IPv6 forwarding.

Enable IPv6 routing on Linux
(you may need to modify [or disable] the firewall on the PC if you got one)

echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/all/forwarding 

(edit /etc/sysctl.conf to config during boot)

If you want to use automatic IPv6 address assignment
Install and configure radvd .

You also have to configure your router/ADSL box with a IPv6 route to the new IPv6 subnet configured on the PC.

Also you can find an easier solution HERE

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