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Well, I'm not talking about programs like NukeX, Cinelerra, Jahshaka because they aren't either free or feature rich. I have seen couple of cool videos done on Linux platform, most likely to be Ubuntu.

What is the magic application they are using to composit those videos..? Can upcoming LightWorks workout these effects...? Is there any Linux native OpenGL based application to deal with particles, just like Particle Illusion for Windows?


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The one stop shop, albeit with a steep learning curve, is blender -- it's not only a 3d animation studio, but allows for video-editing as well -- it can be used for rotoscoping work, has support for motion tracking -- the list goes on and on; there is a ppa with very recent versions released regularly:

deb precise main
deb-src precise main

The compositor is a very mighty tool -- if you google a bit, you'll find lots of tutorials.

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You can use Blender to composite videos and make animations. There are many tutorials on YouTube for doing so, including using particles.

There are also several video editors available, including NovaCut.

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