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When I started working for my current employer, everyone (myself and my boss included) were on Windows 7 machines. About 6 months ago, my boss gutted Windows 7 on his machine and replaced it with Linux Mint.

I recently asked if I could do the same, but with Ubuntu instead, and he allowed me. So this past weekend I replaced my OS with a fresh new Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop installation, and am loving it so far.

I'd like to configure VPN so that I can work from home. My boss sent me the following instructions in an email, but it looks like they apply only to Linux Mint users:

Create a file in /etc/vpnc/ named ‘ourCompany.conf’, and put in there:
IPSec gateway
IPSec ID EmployeeVPN
IPSec secret 3dud934id94j49fj9j4f
Xauth username ourDomain\myUsername
Xauth password myPassword

Edit: Obviously, had to provide dummy values for all of these!

Below is a screenshot of the VPN configurator that ships with Ubuntu. Is this what I should be using, or is there another VPN client I should use? If this is what I should be using, how do my boss's instructions translate to this client? For instance, I don't see IPSec or Xauth settings anywhere in this tool. Thanks in advance!

enter image description here

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Can you give link how your boss configured VPN for Mint? – nazar_art Dec 15 '14 at 9:57
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There are several VPN protocols available. You may need to choose a correct VPN for your need. For more info check this wiki

In your case Cisco Compatible VPN (vpnc) plugin is needed.

To install Cisco VPN open terminal (Ctrl+Alt+ T) and run sudo apt-get install network-manager-vpnc

  • open VPN connections from applet and click on "Configure VPN..."
  • Choose "Cisco Compatible VPN(VPNC)" and click create
  • Under VPN tab
    • Gateway:
    • Group Name: EmployeeVPN
    • Group Password: 3dud934id94j49fj9j4f
    • Username: myUsername
    • Domain: ourDomain

That it when you try to connect to this VPN, you will get a pop-up window asking for password. Enter the password to connect to the VPN.

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