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I installed it by using a load of unallocated space on a completely separate hard drive than the one Windows is installed to.

When I choose Windows on the boot menu I get this:

'Invalid EFI path'

Any idea why this is?

EDIT: Here is information from boot info script.

I think it might be because I have more than 4 partitions on the drive? Although I am not sure what the one labelled as 'unknown' is at all.

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Which boot menu are you using? If you are selecting the Windows entry in Grub[2] then try switching the boot order in your UEFI/BIOS and see if Windows boots on its own. – Huckle Oct 9 '12 at 2:48
  1. If you using EFI, install grub-efi: apt-get install grub-efi
  2. Use "Separate /efi" option of Boot-Repair.
  3. Then force your BIOS to boot into Grub EFI partition

This works for me every time. Good luck!

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