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The sound on this machine worked pretty well until a few days ago (okay, so sound is not the very most important thing to me, but, the lack of it is getting old).

When I click the speaker icon it always says "Mute", when I set it to "Unmute" the slider goes to zero. When I move the slider off of zero, the status goes to "Mute". So, does anyone know what's going on with my system?

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When you click on the speaker icon, it shows you the action and not status. So pressing Mute will mute your audio while Unmute will do the opposite.

Status is shown by icon itself. So if your icon is something like mute, then it means that your sound is muted and then you must see an Unmute option.

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Well, in any case: I got no sound and all diagnostic report no problems... – alfred27 Sep 14 '12 at 0:50

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