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Possible Duplicate:
Micromax 3G mobile internet modem not being detected

I am using Micromax USB dongle, it works well in Windows 7 and also worked well in Ubuntu 10.10. When I upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04, it is not working in it. It does not show anything. When I start Ubuntu it shows network disabled.

If anyone has the solution kindly help.

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This answer may help – damien Sep 12 '12 at 13:47

Give a right click at your network applet in your unity top panel and there select Enable network option to enable network . If its already then check weather you have a created a connection or not for your modem .

If you have not created any connection then , select network applet and select edit connection . Choose Mobile broadband and select create new . Then Country , service provider and apn all are familiar steps with you i hope .

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