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I had two Linux OS installed on my machine: Backtrack 5 Gnome and Backtrack5 KDE. I updated the Gnome version and when I rebooted my Grub2 boot manager displayed a grub rescue> command line.

I then installed Ubuntu on the same partition with the KDE version to recover my boot-loader. I successfully got the Grub working but unfortunately the kernel for the Gnome OS version doesn't show neither the partition when I set the machine up. Ubuntu is great now but I need some files on the ghost partition.

Please help me retrieve it.

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See this Deleted Partition Recovery – Mitch Sep 12 '12 at 14:21

It is unclear whether you have been actually modifying the partition table and which partitions did you reformat.

I would start with booting from the LiveCD, choosing the rescue mode, and trying to mount any partitions found manually, then backing up anything of value that you can find there.

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Parts of this answer comes from: How to recover a deleted NTFS partition with data

By using testdisk you can both recover any lost partitions or undelete selected files/folders.

Take a look at this video in Youtube: Recover deleted partitions using Testdisk in Ubuntu #11. Additionally I suggest you to take a look on the Testdisk website in order to get additional instructions on how to use it.

In the past I couldn't fully recover my data because of I was trying to recover using different tools, (including MS Based tools which I don't recommend because of it resulted in the damage of the data itself. So I strongly suggest you to first run the steps mentioned in the video in order to bring back the partition, after which you will be able to undelete/recover any data loss that could happen during data recovery.

Just for information: It took me 2+ weeks to fully recover my data. So please be patience. I am sure we'll find a way to bring your data back.

Good luck!

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