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I have a epson stylus office bx305fw plus, But i don't now where the scan option is in the default printer application in Ubuntu

How can i scan with my printer?

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I just got my Epson Stylus Office bx305fw plus to scan using simple scan. I plugged in to the printer/all in one via usb and the scan worked I then tried it wirelessly and it worked. I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and a thinkpad t61.I had downloaded the epson driver from here I hope this helps. Tiernan

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Whilst this may not answer your question it will certainly get you started.

"simple-scan" is what I use for a similar HP scanner/printer. You may need to install it, I can't remember if it's installed by default.

This will tell you if the scanner is detected by your computer.

You can also type dmesg in a terminal after you plug in the scanner and see what the kernel is telling you about the hardware and driver situation.

From that message you can Google for solutions.


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Thank you but i tried simple-scan before.(it didn't find my scanner) about dmesg ill try that as soon as possible! – blade19899 Sep 12 '12 at 12:03

Download Printer Driver ESC/P Driver (full feature)

Product name: Epson Stylus Office BX305
Driver-Version: Ver. latest(02-2012)

Older Drivers just in case! Search query: BX305

In addition you can download useful packages, using synaptic package-manager, to monitor your ink-level and printer status.

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