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Before passing to Linux Ubuntu 12.04 I used to have a partition for windows in which I used to work with Scientific Workplace (SW from now on); now I do not have a partition no more and I am a "Ubuntu-one-way-user".

Is there a way to make SW run also on Ubuntu 12.04?

If yes, tell me there is a method which is different from wine, because in my case wine is not working.

Tanks in advance.

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There is an alternative to Scientific Workplace running natively in Ubuntu available free for download from the Software Center. This is definitely worth a look as it does not involve any tweaks that you would need to run Windows software.

Install via the software center

Virtual Box

Virtual Box or any other virtualization software will enable you to run most Windows software in a virtual machine. This can also be integrated in your desktop but it involves several further steps to perform, and it may not run as smooth as it does on a real machine.

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Thank you very much, it seems to have all the functions I need to use. – Mattia Sep 12 '12 at 13:21

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