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I have Windows on my machine and then I installed Ubuntu 12.04 using USB. I was not getting the option to boot into Ubuntu, so I ran boot-repair but then now I am not getting option to boot into windows. Below is my paste ubuntu url. What can be the issue ?


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  • You originally couldn't see Ubuntu because one Windows program was using FlexNet DRM, Boot-Repair fixed this problem.
  • Your problem now is that your /boot is too far from the start of the disk.
  • You have separated many folders. If this is not a server, do not separate /tmp nor /usr, nor /var.


  1. Via Gparted, delete all Linux partitions: sda2, sda5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13. Do NOT format sda1.
  2. Via the Ubuntu installer, create a 30GB (NOT more) root partition (EXT4, mount point: / )at the start of the disk, just after the sda1 partition.
  3. Create a SWAP partition (size of your RAM), just after your root partition.
  4. Create a data partition in the remaining space at the end of the disk.
  5. Finish the installation.
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