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I am new to linux world. I am using Ubuntu 10.4 I am using GATEWAY ACER NE56R laptop. And i cannot connect my laptop to internet wirelessly. Couldn't find any trail for a wireless connection either. Can someone please help!!

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The best driver for the NE56R is brcmsmac. Whatever you do, do not download bcmwl-kernel-source! brcmsmac is made into the kernel, so it should work on a fresh install if the installer didn't get bcmwl-kernel-source. – John Scott Oct 18 '14 at 16:43

It's always best to search by network card model rather than laptop model because the same model of laptop can contain a different network card depending on what they had in the factory on that day.

I suggest:

  1. Open a terminal (Ubuntu 10.04 = applications - accessories - terminal) (Ubuntu 12.04 = windows key, type 'terminal' - press enter)

  2. Paste this: lspci | grep Network

  3. Search Google for the model of wireless network card listed with 'ubuntu' appended.

Hope this helps.


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Ubuntu 12.04. WiFi not working

Check if the wifi card is blocked (Terminal)

rfkill list wlan (for wifi)


rfkill list all (for wifi and bluetooth)


rfkill unblock wlan (for wifi)


rfkill unblock all (for wifi and bluetooth)

Restart the network:

sudo service network-manager restart
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