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I've installed the newest version of Ubuntu but now I want to get back to my windows but when I reach the screen with Windows Boot Manager, like this...

enter image description here

(This is a screenshot from the installation guide) ...I can't use the keyboard to highlight Windows so I can't access Windows to uninstall Ubuntu.

If I use the Windows installation CD, it erases all the data on my hard disk? And if so, what other thing can I do to remove Ubuntu and without losing all my datas?

Please answer as soon as possible, Thank you in advance!

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Did you install Ubuntu with WUBI? If so, please see answers on this question: How do I uninstall Ubuntu Wubi? – Peachy Oct 5 '12 at 6:03

The easiest way to solve your problem is to backup whatever you need, then just format the drive that you installed Ubuntu and Window on.

I recommend that if you wanted to use both, you should install Ubuntu after Window, since I think grub work better.

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