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I'm using dpkg-buildpackage and I would like to fully automate my scripts, but I cannot find how to GPG sign the packages and automate entering the pass phrases in my Continuous Integration System. I don't want to use the '-us -uc' parameters, because I do want to sign them.

Any ideas?

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Maybe a solution using debsign, see this answer – Raffi Aug 24 '15 at 20:04

If your keyring is already unlocked, all you have to do is:

setup gpg-agent

So you won't be prompted for your passphrase a whole bunch of times...

sudo aptitude install gnupg-agent pinentry-gtk2 pinentry-curses
replace 0xD34DB33F with your GPG Key ID
export GPGKEY=0xD34DB33F
killall -q gpg-agent
eval $(gpg-agent --daemon)


export DEBEMAIL=""
export DEBFULLNAME="Your full name as it appears on the GPG key"

from here

I can attest to the second part. The first part is a copy-paste, but it seems legitimate. I would think you would still have to unlock the key once, but it would stay unlocked.

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How to make it persistent? The agent asks on every build. – Velkan Apr 29 '15 at 7:02

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