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What are the differences between Ubuntu Studio 12.04 and Ubuntu 12.04

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  • Desktop environment: Ubuntu 12.04 uses Unity as shell over Gnome desktop environment while Ubuntu Studio 12.04 uses Xfce as
  • Linux kernel: Ubuntu Studio 12.04 uses realtime kernel (for reducing the amount of latency, which is extremely beneficial for audio work) while Ubuntu 12.04 uses generic kernel(more about kernel types).
  • Installation: Ubuntu 12.04 has live CD for installation but Ubuntu Studio 12.04 only has live DVD.
  • Applications: Ubuntu Studio 12.04 contain a lot more pre-installed multimedia software (several audio, video and graphical applications) than Ubuntu 12.04.
  • Appearance: Ubuntu Studio 12.04 has blue-on-black theme instead of Ubuntu's default purple and orange and also a new sound theme replaces the default Ubuntu theme.

  • JACK Sound System : Along with the ubiquitous Pulse Audio sound server, the powerful JACK sound server is also included in Ubuntu Studio. Both are already configured to work well together.

  • System Configuration : There is a different configuration of the system so as to "not-limit" you audio/video processing.
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Live CD support for Ubuntu Desktop will not be available from 12.10 versions. – green Sep 10 '12 at 8:28

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