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As some software doesn't listen to IPv6 port, we often do a port proxy to solve the problem. For example, the remote desktop in Win2003, we just run netsh interface portproxy add v6tov4 listenport=3389 connectaddress= connectport=3389 and then everything goes well.

Now I'd like to visit the Deluge WebUI ( by IPv6, how to do this in ubuntu???

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You can use xinetd for that.

In this example I'll show how to redirect incoming connections to IPv6 address 2001:db8::1 port 1234 to IPv4 address port 1234. I'll call the configuration/service 'demo':

Put the following configuration in a configuration file called /etc/xinetd.d/demo:

service demo
    type            = UNLISTED
    port            = 1234
    bind            = 2001:db8::1
    socket_type     = stream
    wait            = no
    user            = nobody
    redirect        = 1234

It also lets you control who can access the service in both the service definition and the /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny files.

service demo
    only_from       = 2001:db8::/32
    no_access       = 2001:db8:ffff::/48

Other potentially useful option:

service demo
    access_times    = 09:45-16:15
    log_on_success  = HOST DURATION
    log_on_failure  = HOST ATTEMPT
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