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I'm curious about KDE 4.9, and I've seen that there's a desktop specially created for netbooks called Plasma Netbook or something like that so I wanted to try it out. Is there any way?

I have installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, upgraded from 10.04 LTS. Besides that I've read somewhere that KDE 4.9 brings some problems to the system stability and functionality (like the Appearance window not opening and some packages uninstalled), so I wanted your word of wisdom and experience.

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Duplicate of ? – fossfreedom Sep 9 '12 at 10:52
Actually I read that question, that's where I got some information, but I believe my question is a bit more specific, or at least more focused. Anyway I think that's what make me doubt, but if you find it around. – Santiago Sep 10 '12 at 2:46


If you use a small, portable device such as a netbook, then Plasma Netbook is the KDE Workspace for you as it was built specifically for those kinds of devices.

You can install the kde-plasma-netbook package to get only the workspace and basic applications. There's also a kubuntu-netbook package but it has a dependency on kubuntu-desktop, so it installs a lot more (you get Netbook and Desktop workspaces.)

By default you'll get KDE 4.8.x. If you want 4.9.x then you'll have to add the Backports PPA, as mentioned in How do I install/upgrade to KDE 4.9?. As it's also mentioned there, it's a backports repo and it might give you some problems. I have updated to 4.9 (currently 4.9.3) without a single problem, but I use Kubuntu, i.e. no Unity here (although I do have XFCE installed also).

If you really want to try it without having the risk of messing up your system, there's the virtual machine route, like Virtual Box.

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