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Not a but, just a suggestion. There's been a lot of talking about gaming in Linux the last weeks. A couple days ago this game was released for windows, mac and Linux. The Linux version have to be compiled from source which is quite easy but newbie users like me find difficult.

If you have a look at the website they say they don't have the time nor expertise to make Linux builds but they expect each distro do their own so my question is, is anybody going to build .deb packages?

The game is really amazing, it beats most of the commercial games you can find in the repositories, even expensive ones. It's still crashing sometimes but it's the first release so it may be considered a beta but it could move a lot of people to switch to Ubuntu.

More information here:


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why you think its difficult? running away is not a good solution; just face it. once forever.

most of the games just need 3 simple steps. let me help you

first, unpack the file that you just downloaded (Right Click -> Extract Here) and then copy the extracted folder to you Home Folder. now open a terminal and type cd NAME (put the name of folder instead of NAME) and finally, type these 3 commands. thats all :)

sudo make install

some games are much easier and need only the last step.

most of the games includes a ReadMe file, you can find installation guide there.

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For must users is difficult. And I'm not suggesting to run away, in fact I did compiled it myself. Just saying it would be nice if somebody compiled it and build .deb files into a ppa. Note than I'm not asking for help to compile it... in fact the download itself contains instructions on how to do it. Not sure it was you but down-voting a question because you thing it shouldn't be an "easier way" is kind of unfair. Cheers. –  darent Sep 8 '12 at 18:45

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